The plastering machine for premixed dry mortar and ready-mix materials

Design, technology, practicality…B30 Stilo, the plastering machine designed to fully satisfy the needs of every users.
Compact and easy to use is ideal for pumping and spraying a wide range of materials, from premixed dry mortars to ready-mix materials.
Available in single and three phase version, the B30 Stilo is suitable for any type of building sites. The machine can be completely disassembled, easy to clean and easy to handle.

With the B30 Stilo it is possibile to pump or spray the following materials:
ready-mix plaster cement and lime based, gypsum, anhydrite, insulating plasters, render and restoration mortars, joint filling mortars, adesive tile mortar, cement and anhydrite based self-levelling floor screeds, pasty materials…and many more.



  • Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
  • Injections of cement grouting
  • Pumping mortar and isolating materials

Technical Data

A safety switch stops the electric motor of the mixing shaft when the mixing chamber and the protective grid are opened.

On the single-phase version, driven by an inverter drive, it is possibile to vary the speed of the screw pump , from zero to the maximum value, thanks to the potentiometer placed on electrical control panel.

Membrane air compressor 250 liter/min mounted on the three-phase version.

The electrical control panel allows the control of all functions of the machine in a simple way

Easy to move thanks to the handles.

It is possible to change the inclination of the hopper so that the replacement of the stator is quicker and comfortable.


 B 30 stilo Single Phase  B 30 stilo Three-phase
Pump motor 3,00 kW 5,5 kW
Engine water pump 0,33 kW 0,33 kW
Air Compressor 200 L/min 250 L/min
Theoretical output 0 – 17 L/min ** 30L/min**
Pumping distance 15m*(tubo Ø35-25) 40 m *
Maximum pressure pumping 15 bar 30 bar
Minimum water pressure required 2,5 bar 2,5 bar
Hopper capacity 60 L 60 L
Loading height 1020 mm 1020 mm
Dimensions LxWxH mm 950x700x1540 950x700x1540
Total Weight 204 Kg 215 Kg
Weight individual units: Chassis: 114 Kg (with air compressor) 99 Kg
Hopper: 40 Kg Hopper: 40 Kg
Geared motor: 50 Kg – 51 Kg Geared motor: 50 Kg – 51 Kg
Air compressor: 25 Kg

* Depending on material, its consistency and hoses diameter.
** With the stator and rotor D4 eco (single phase) D 6-3 (three-phase)

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