Substrate conveyor complete with compressor

Once it was necessary to use cement mixers, wheelbarrows, cranes or other types of lifting machinery for floor screed. This meant low productivity and hard labour. Since more than twenty years Bunker has contributed to the development and production of mixer-transporters. This machine means great savings in terms of transportation and manpower.
The right choice
The growth of the building trade determines an increase in the interests of professional floor screed layers in the floor screed sector. One cannot avoid an increase in competition and above all cannot avoid the regulations which must be conformed to on the buliding sites, that is why it is fundamental to choose the right machine.


A new series STAGE V

The TRAGEN B250 DC series represents a new generatioon of floor screed transporters. Driven by new DIESEL KUBOTA engines in compliance with EU STAGE V regulation and by new ATLAS-COPCO 5200 litre per minute compressors. They are equipped with a scraping blade and skip which ensure high productivity and low overheads.

Easy transportation

The tragen with a compressor is a mobile pumping unit which does not need electricity. It can be hauled along any road, even over difficult roads and only two people are needed to set up the machine on the building site.


Thanks to the powerful compressors it is possible to mix and pump from 30m³ to 40m³ to a height of 100m within a range of of 180m. The most varied mixes and floor screed materials used today in modern construction:

  • pure and bound expanded clay
  • polystyrene, cork, fine gravel
  • normal and finer concrete with a grain size mass maximum of 16mm
  • light concrete and sand

It is not necessary to move the machinery around even on the biggest building sites, everything is simple.

Technical Data

This machine has to meet particular demands. It must deal with heavy duty work and work with any type of mixture, even dry types with high grain size mass. Since the beginning of the Tragen project Bunker has taken into consideration the consumers and the retailers. This attention to your needs has led to the development of new and interesting features which include: a new style compressor, a new diesel engine, a new cowling and a new modular structure which has allowed the addition of numerous optional features. Let’s find out what they are.

  1. The hood’s large opening facilitates controls and maintenance.
  2. A new compressor element Atlas-Copco which reduces absorption power by 12% has been chosen specially for the new Tragen DC.
  3. A special varnishing process ensures maximum protectioon.
  4. Auxiliary valves allow the use of pneumatic tools and parts.
  5. An axle with torsion bars with oscillating arms guarantee maximum stability.
  6. Internal sound absorbent coating controls the noise of the machine to conform to regulation CEE 84/533.
    The Tragen’s low noise levels it can be used near hospitals, schools and residential areas.
  7. A new quiet and environment friendly DIESEL KUBOTA engine, in compliance with EU STAGE V regulation, has been used to guarantee reliabilty, tested by the manufacturer it meets the toughest needs.
  8. The engine and compressor are protected from dust and dirt by a single, two stage, high performance filter. The filter has an indicator which monitors blockage and obstruction and indicates the need to clean or replace the relevant parts.
  9. The fuel tank cistern ensures durability for a full job and guarantess maximum productivity.
  10. The automatic speed regulator constantly adapts the turning of the engine to the quantity of air required. This has many advantages: it saves energy, reduces fuel consumption and allows continuous air flow at a constant pressure.
  11. The controls are grouped together on one panel which is protected by another transparent panel, this guarantees safety and makes it easy to use.

It is acknowledged that the use of oleodynamic drives means more control and less stress. It avoids using useless mechanisms such as joints, pulleys and belts, this guarantees increased safety and eliminates maintenance. With Tragen B250 DC the mixer, skip and scraping blade are all hydraulically driven… a definite advantage!

A new screw on, oil injection compressor component has been chosen specially for the Tragen B250 DC. This component produced by ATLAS-COPCO (world leader in the air compressor sector) has an asymetrical profile modified to emphasize its superb fundamental characteristics.

To ensure the Tragen meets your needs in terms of quality, performance and reliability it needs some attention. You will find that it is a fast and simple process. The diagonal opening of the cowling allows easy access to the machine. Bunker in Italy and abroad guarantees professional technical assistance.

Bunker conveyors resist the most diverse conditions. All their parts undergo sandblasting, varnishing and heat treatments. These processes ensure the best protection for your investment and mean it will keep its value.

The vessel has been designed and tested to resist pressure and general wear and tear, it is prepared for hoses of different diameter and is fitted with a protective grill which once open blocks the mixer. The fast closing lid has a balanced spring and a robust vent valve this safety feature stops if opening during use. Inside the machine the mixer shaft is supported by special pads and durable, strong capacity washers. The mixing blades are anti wear and tear resistant.

The floor screed which is loaded either manually or using the skip is mixed quickly by the internal blades of the mixer barrel, subsequently the flow of compressed air pushes it through the tubing to the point of release.

With the floor screed mixture left to dry quickly, a perfect mixture of inerts and binding agent must be guaranteed in order to achieve the best results and to have the fundamental chemical combination for low levels of humidity within a few hours. The form and number of agitator blades are studied for this reason.


B250 DCB
B250 DC
Diesel engine Kubota Kubota
Model V 1505-CR-T V 1505-CR-T
Power kW 33,0 33,0
Compressor Atlas Copco Atlas Copco
Air flow l/min 5200 5200
Working Pressure bar 7 7
Vessel capacity l 270 270
Output m³/h 5 4,2
Max granulometry mm 20 20
Conveying distance
Horizontal* m 180 180
Vertical* m 100 100
Diameter vessel outlet m 60-65-100 60-65-100
Lenght mm 5974 4910
Width mm 1470 1470
Height mm 1605 1605
Height with loading skip up mm 2378
Weight Kg 1790 1690

* Depending on material, consistency and hose diameter

Bunker Tragen B250 DCB Turbo – STAGE V

Massetto tradizionale – BUNKER Tragen

Máquina para contrapisos – BUNKER

Macchina per massetto tradizionale