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The ideal plastering machine for the building contractor

  • Its low power consumption
  • Its output regulation from 0 until the maximum value
  • The biggest pumpable grain size of its category (10 mm)
  • The remarkable wear resistance

Here are some of the features that contributed to the success of this small big plastering machine. Produced in Italy and commercialized all over the world, it is available in many versions: single-phase, three-phase, with or without mixer.

Its minimal dimensions and light weight allow an easy transport and on-site positioning.


Bunker has been the first company (starting from 1995) to develop and use the electronic INVERTER starting device on plastering machines having contributed to their expansion.


Thanks to the high grain size and the variable output rate, it is possible to pump, spray and inject: Traditional plasters, both for indoors and outdoors, Pre-mixed plasters, both for indoors and outdoors, Special plasters, Fibre-reinforced mortars, Refractory mortars, Mortars for joint filling, Self-levelling floor screeds, Pre-packed mortar and special products for structural work on concrete and stone buildings


  • Transportation of self-leveling screeds
  • Spraying traditional plaster
  • Spraying of fiber-reinforced mortar
  • The variable flow rate allows the filling of joints and connections
  • Pressure controlled grout injections

It’s also possible to spray concrete on steel wire meshes for restoration works. Thanks to a practical kit, it is possible to carry out cement slurries injections at a controlled pressure. Using the appropriate spray gun, it’s possible to fill joints or connections.

Technical Data

The S8EV is equipped with the most reliable safety devices. During its operation, the opening of the protection grid automatically stops the rotation of mixing blades. Lifting the vibrating screen blocks the rotation of the screw feeder. The electric engines are protected by power over-charges and brown-outs.

Thanks to components reliability and the pump’s low rotation speed, the S8EV performances are definitely top-of-the-range guaranteeing many working hours without any problem.

The controls grouped in a single electrical panel protected from splashing water, allow easy control of all functions. It also has an hour meter that helps plan work and maintenance. But above all, the electrical panel is equipped with the INVERTER, the electronic device that allows you to adjust the flow rate but also to significantly reduce the current absorption.

Should there be any problem with the electricity box, it is simply a matter of removing the plug and the whole box will be quickly replaced.

Compared with other plastering machines, the pump’s rotor turns at a much lower rate increasing remarkably components’ life, thus reducing also maintenance costs. Another factor not to be underestimated is the fact that the S8EV is the only pump of its category able to pump materials until a 10 mm grain size.

Pur facendo del nostro meglio per rispondere alle vostre esigenze di qualità, prestazioni ed affidabilità la vostra S8EV avrà bisogno un pò della vostra attenzione. Scoprirete quando sarà il momento di come è facile e veloce eseguire i necessari interventi. Bunker garantirà con i tecnici del servizio assistenza prestazioni di altà professionalità e minimo fermomacchina.

The vibrator ensures a quick and efficient screening

A powerful compressor for an uniform spraying


with mixer
three-phase with mixer
Electric motor
Type  220V – 50Hz  220V – 50Hz  400V – 50Hz  400V – 50Hz
Power  1,8kW  1,8kW  4kW  4kW
Output  250l/min.  250l/min.  340l/min.  340l/min.
Pressure  4bar  4bar  4bar  4bar
Power  1,5kW  1,5kW  2,2kW  2,2kW
Screw pump
Theoric pressure  20l/min  20l/min  30l/min  30l/min
Maximum grain size  10mm  10mm  10mm  10mm
Maximum theoric pressure  15bar  15bar  25bar  25bar
Conveying distance
Horizontal*  40m  40m  60m  60m
Vertical*  15m  15m  30m  30m
Filling height  600mm  600mm
Filling height (with mixer)  1130mm  1130mm
Power  0,75kW  0,75kW
Capacity  80l  80l
Mortar hopper
Capacity  120l  120l  120l  120l
Weight  430Kg  305Kg  440Kg  328Kg
Optional accessories
Cement slurries injection kit  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

* Depending on material, consistency and hose diameter. Both distances cannot be reached simultaneously.

Application of fiber-reinforced thixotropic mortar – Bunker S8EVM

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