The powerful piston plastering machine

Winning Elements

Hydraulic power, functional design, durability are only some of the features of this incredible piston pump. It can pump and spray aggregates up to 8mm at high pressure (40-70 bars) and reach pumping distances over 100 m thanks to its powerful Diesel engine but above all to its output and features of its mortar piston pump.
Fully hydraulically-driven
The S38 is a hydraulic plastering machine with progressive output (from 0 to 60 l/min) and pressure regulation. This solution enables to inject cement grouts, to plaster and convey mortars with the right output without any material waste.



An extremely versatile machine. With its large 180 l capacity mixer, its compressor and remote control, you can pump and spray the following materials daily used on job sites: traditional and premixed plasters and refractory mortars, self-levelling floor screeds, concrete up to 8 mm grain size (spritz beton), inject cement grout and bentonite into micropiles, anchors, tunnels. This machine is suited for the building but also for the geotechnical sector.

A multipurpose machine that can be used in construction and also in the geotechnical sector.


  • Concrete spraying
  • Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
  • Injections of cement grouting
  • Pumping mortar and insulation materials

Technical Data

The S38 is a piston pump with gravity balls valves and Ø 100 mm delivery cylinders. Delivery cylinders are internally chrome-coated which guarantees a high durability. Upon request, you could have Ø 70 mm cylinders for higher pumping pressures up to 80 bars.

The pumping pressure is displayed on the pressure gauge located on the pressure connection.

The control panel allows you to control easily all the machine’s functions with leds. Having two start buttons avoids starting the motor accidentally. The diesel engine speed is controlled by a throttle control lever.

Progressive output regulation enables to control the pump’s output in function of the application (e.g cement grouts, plasters, mortars).

The powerful vibrator ensures a quick and effective sifting preventing excessive grain size aggregates from reaching the hopper.

A standard lifting hook can lift the S38 keeping it in perfect balance.

The hydraulic mixer with safety device is operated from a lever.

Hydraulic oil passes through a heat exchanger that prevents the hydraulic circuit and the other components from overheating guaranteeing the output. A very large filter protects the hydraulic system.

The mixer is designed in such a way that inadvertent movement on the mixer shaft is avoided when the grid is opened.

The hood that is equipped with a gas spring has a large openning and is easily opened, facilitating maintenance and inspections.
The internal soundproofing finish brings the sound levels into compliance with current laws making it possible for the S38 to be used close to hospitals, schools and residential areas.

The new lombardini motor, powerful and ecological, is characterized by its elevated torque. This feature enables the S38 to work at slow speeds reducing the noise and fuel consumption and is equipped with safety and emergency stop devices.
The fuel tank ensures that it will continue operating for the duration of the work shift.

A convenient low voltage control panel with a long cable is used to start or stop the S38.

A powerful 400 l/min. compressor guarantees an uniform spraying even at high floors.


S38 DM S38 EM
Maximum Theoretical Output 3.6 m³ /h 3.6 m³ /h
Maximum Theoretical Pressure 40 bar 40 bar
Maximum Grain Size 8 mm 8 mm
Compressor 400 l/min 400 l/min
Horizontal pumping distance* 100 m 100 m
Vertical pumping distance* 40 m 40 m
Diesel Engine 18.5 kW
Electric Motor 7.5 kW
Cylinder mortar pump 100 mm 100 mm
Stroke 130 mm 130 mm
Mixer capacity 180 l 180 l
Hopper Capacity 180 l 180 l
Loading Height 1000 mm 1000 mm
Dimensions LxLxH cm 260x162x165 260x162x165
Weight 1250 kg 1200 kg
Homologated Axle Optional Optional

* Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter. Both distances cannot be reached simultaneously.

Getto Micropali con pompa a pistoni S38 BUNKER