For over 40 years, BUNKER has been manufacturing machines and equipment for spraying and pumping concrete, mortars and cement mixes, proudly contributing to the evolution of this sector. Power, simplicity and reliability are the characteristics that distinguish these products designed to last and guarantee maximum performance in all circumstances.

Perfect to inject cement grout in walls, piles and pre-compressed structures, to consolidate or weatherproof walls, rocks, dams, and tunnels. To pump special anchoring or sealing products.

Plastering and rendering machines recommended for traditional, special, fibre-reinforced, refractory mortars and plasters spraying. Our machines are perfect to spray on walls, to fill joints, to inject cement grout into piles or anchors, to pump self-levelling floor screeds, to spray traditional mortar and premixed plasters, lime-based plasters, insulating plasters, cement, gypsum plasters, anhydrite products. Mortar pumps and plastering machines are available with or without integrated mixer and hydraulicallyor electrically-driven.

Bunker’s concrete screw pumps were designed to pump grain size up to 25 mm. You will pump lightweight concrete and polystyrene concrete. Particularly adapted to spray traditional or fibre-reinforced mortars, cement or anhydrite-based self-levelling floor screeds, self-compacting concrete. You could also spray plaster and wet sprayed concrete (until 8 mm) and inject cement grout and bentonite into piles and anchors.

A full range of cement-based floor screed mixer-transporters. Made for professional floor layers, Bunker machines mix and pump cork, sand, concrete, lightweight concrete and self-levelling floor screeds, clay and so many materials, used in modern materials and floor screeds.

Fields of application

Used with a wide range of materials and in all kinds of applications, Bunker machines meet the needs of all construction sites.


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