Floor screed transporters

Complete range of mixing pumps for substrates of floors. Designed for installers and specialized flooring, Tragen machines mix and pump the most varied mixtures and screeds they carry out in modern constructions: sand, polystyrene, cork, clay, mortar, self-leveling substrates , light and traditional concrete up to 16 mm grain size .


To improve the work cycle, ensure the homogeneity of the mix over time, and avoid annoying blockages when pumping the mix, BUNKER designed and built the S8 CM .

The S8 CM has been designed to continuously mix and pump lightened screeds to create substrates for thermal insulating floors and screeds self-leveling products based on cement and anhydride



The CLB18 is the innovative screw pump for self-leveling substrates, designed by Bunker to meet your needs ensuring productivity and ease of use. With a flow rate of 300 l / min and a particle size of 16 mm, the CLB18 ensures high productivity in complete safety, even at a considerable distance with surprising ease of use.

CLB18 powerful and versatile

The small size and weight below 750 kg facilitate towing on motorways up to 130 km / h and subsequent positioning on site. The robust axle of the Alko allows a stable and fast towing.


Tragen B200

The Tragen B200 subfloor pump is the smallest of the range, its peculiarity consists not only in its small size, which facilitates its transport and positioning on small construction sites, but especially in the reduced drive power.
Only 2.2 kW single-phase is enough , (i.e. the power of the civil network) and the B200 is ready to start work, a possibility often precluded to higher category machines since the construction site does not always have energy enough to feed them.


Tragen B250

There is always a need for screed conveyors for substrates characterized by extreme mobility that guarantee maximum reliability and continuously transport the necessary mixes. Their operating cost and maintenance costs must be minimal, extremely long and operate in compliance with the laws relating to safety and the environment. The Tragen B250EB represents the right answer to the modern construction site, equipped with a scraper shovel and loading bucket it ensures high productivity.


Tragen B250 DC

A little history
Once, mixing and transporting substrates required concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, cranes or other types of elevators. All this represented low productivity and great effort.
For over twenty years the Bunker has been developing and manufacturing mixers-conveyors of screeds for substrates, the use of these machines in fact allows a high saving of time and money.
The rational choice
The development of the building sector determines an increasing interest of professional installers in the substrate sector. However no one can escape the increase in competition, and above all the rhythms and regulations to be respected on the construction site. For this reason, choosing the right machine is essential.