Self-levelling floor screed pump

The CLB18 is an innovative screw pump for self-levelling screeds designed by Bunker to satisfy modern floor layers’ requests. Its theoretical output is 300 l/min and its maximum pumpable grain size is 16 mm, the CLB18 ensures high productivity and safety pumping easily at amazing distances.

CLB18 powerful and polyvalent

Its small dimensions and its weight under 750 kg allow you a safe towing on roads and motorways even at 120 km/h and facilitates on-site positioning. With its resistant Alko tow bar, you’ll tow it easily even at high speed.

From today, pumping mortars and self-leveling concrete or spraying concrete is even easier with the CLB 18



It pumps and sprays:

  • cement-based or anhydrite-based self-levelling floor screed
  • mortar
  • light concrete with polystyrene
  • self-compacting concrete
  • fluid fibre-reinforced concrete
  • wet sprayed concrete

Technical Data

Its Kubota 4 cylinders engine is ecological and powerful (26,5 kW) with E-TVCS system. Its engine slowdown system, its radiator and hydraulic pump with variable output reduce fuel consumption, improve its performances and parts’ lifetime.

It’s very easy to operate in either forward or reverse enabling the pressure in the hoses to go down in case of clogging.

The CLB18 is equipped with a remote control with electric wire to start and stop pumping. A wireless remote control is available on demand.

Gradual output control ensure precise pumping and spraying avoiding waste of material.

The CLB18 has been created to work in heavy-duty conditions guaranteeing the operator’s safety. The automatic screw stop, the emergency stop button, the control levers with safety block, light diodes and sound alarms ensure a perfect control of the pump.

When pumping stops, the decelerator automatically slows down the engine, reducing fuel and noise.

The pressure washer available on request is designed to work directly from the hydraulic circuit of the CLB18, this allows you to quickly wash your CLB18 and other machinery on site quickly.


Diesel Kubota 4 cylinders engine 26,5 kW
Screw pump 2 L8
Maximum theoretical output * 18 m³/h
Maximum theoretical pressure 25 bar
Maximum grain size *** 16 mm
Horizontal pumping distance *  200 m
Vertical pumping distance * 50 m
Hopper capacity 200 l
Air compressor 400 l/min
CLB18 total weight 750 kg

* Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter.
*** Only under special circumstances. Contact technical department.

CLB 18 projection du mortier

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