Ready-mix materials plastering machine

The B30 is a compact and user-friendly plastering machine, it’s perfect to mix, pump and spray ready-mix materials for internal or external walls. It can be loaded with bags or automatically from a silo.
Its goal
We created it with a regulable output from 6 to 65 litres per minute according to the stator you use, you can pump the following materials: cement and lime-based plasters, plaster, anhydrite, thermo-isolating mortars, wall and structural renders, joint filling mortars, tiling glue, cement and lime-based self-levelling floor screeds.

BUNKER was the first company to develop the innovative anti-dust device.

The special anti-dust device invented by Bunker, connected to a normal vacuum cleaner eliminates dust when the bag opens and protects the operator.


  • Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
  • Injections of cement grouting
  • Pumping mortar and isolating materials

Technical Data

Choosing Bunker’s B30 means you can count on a extremely reliable machine manufactured according to CEE directives. We chose the best components and its accurately painted frame ensure a long-lasting life to the machine.

The alimentation wheel fills the mixing chamber with ready-mix material, you add water and then it’s pumped to the spray gun.

The B30 can be dismounted easily and without tools by one single person. Cleaning and maintenance operations are consequently facilitated.

Its 250 l/min compressor is easy to dismount and ensures an uniform application of the material.

You can control easily all the pump’s functions. A light diode indicates if the machine is correctly connected to the power grid.

You can put all necessary tools and spare parts in this practical compartment.


The machine is delivered with its many accessories that extend its possibilities. Electric-driven 250 l/min compressor, self-priming pump, D6-3 rotor and stator, spray gun, 10 m hose x 2, air hose 10 m x 2, 5 m water hose, 25 m electric cable, hose cleaning kit, tool box

Pump motor 5,50 kW – 11,5 A – 380 V
Water pump 0,33 kW – 1,5 A – 380 V
Alimentation wheel motor 0,55 kW – 1,75 A – 380 V
Air compressor 0,9 kW – 250 L/min – 6 bar
Theoretical output 30 L/min **
Horizontal pumping distance – Ø 25 mm hose 40 m *
Vertical pumping distance – Ø 25 mm hose 20 m *
Maximum pumping pressure 30 bar
Minimum water pressure 2,5 bar
Hopper capacity 150 L (with hopper extension 200 litres)
Loading height 910 mm (with hopper extension 1020 mm)
Dimensions length x width x height  1150x730x1450
Total weight: 258 Kg
Unit weight: Machine: 145 Kg
Mixing pump: 88 Kg
 Compressor: 25 Kg

* Depending on material, its consistency and hoses diameter. It’s impossible to reach both distances simultaneously.
** With D6-3 rotor and stator