The pump for spritz beton professionals

The B100S is a hydraulic-driven concrete pump on trailer with progressive output and pressure regulation made for wet sprayed concrete specialists (spritz-beton) to consolidate tunnels, hills but also to pump concrete, fibre-reinforced mortars, self-levelling floor screeds, inject cement grouts or special mixes into walls, micro-piles, etc.

B100S, the innovative pumping unit on wheels
A particular feature of the B100S is that all components (hydraulic power-pack, pump, tank, additive dosing pump) are on a easy to tow trailer. A solution that makes your job easier and rises productivity.

B100S innovative mobile pumping unit

equipped with ALKO axle with repulsion brake


  • Concrete spraying
  • Injections of cement grouting
  • Pumping mortar and insulation materials

Technical data

The B100S is a simply designed volumetric pump without valves. The key components are an eccentric steel alloy rotor with a single thread and highly abrasion resistant stator that has a double thread. As the rotor turns inside the stator, the meshing geometry of the two components create sealed chambers on both inlet and outlet sides. Rotation of the rotor opens and closes the chambers gradually and alternatively. This way, the material is continuously conveyed. Output is proportional to rotation speed.

The screw pump may be readily operated in either forward or reverse, thus enabling the hoses to empty in case of clogging.

Gradual output control ensures accurate injecting and spraying

To start and stop the B100S, use its radio remote control. Alternatively, the machine can be equipped with a handy low voltage cable remote control.

The B100S, connected to an appropriate air compressor, enables a constant spraying and makes your work easier.

The B100S can be equipped on request with a pump for setting accelerator, thanks to the system designed by Bunker the flow rate of the additive is always proportional to the flow rate of the concrete.

The Diesel engine speed is controlled by a handy lever. Fuel tank capacity for an entire work shift. Control leds enable easy monitoring. The hydraulic power-pack is driven by a new Lombardini CHD 2204 engine, powerful and ecological with an low fuel consumption.

Easy to manoeuvre guard locking devices prevent opening of the protective grids of the hopper and mixer. If opened, they stop the rotation of the screw feeder or mixer paddles.


Hydraulic power-pack
Diesel Engine 37 kW
Hydraulic output 114 l/min
Hydraulic maximum pressure 150 bar
Air compressor (upon request) 400 l/min
Concrete screw pump
Maximum theoretical output * 250 l/min
Maximum theoretical pressure * 25 bar
Maximum grain size *** 16 mm
Horizontal pumping distance **  60 m
Vertical pumping distance ** 20 m
Additive screw pump
Regulable theoretical output 0 – 10 l/min
Maximum theoretical pressure  28 bar
Hopper capacity 180 l
Additive tank capacity 500 l
B100S total weight 1700 kg

* With Grain 50 rotor and stator : 12 bars pressure horizontal pumping distance 45 m vertical pumping distance 15 m maximum grain size 25 mm.
** Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter. Both distances cannot be reached simultaneously. Consistency class : S4 (fluid). Slump range : from 16 to 20 cm.
*** Only under special circumstances. Contact technical department.

vr029 – B100S – Spritz beton

Cemento cellulare – B100S

vr022 – B100S pompaggio cemento cellulare

vr016 – B100S Pompaggio calcestruzzo, betoniera autoalimentata

B100S – Béton cellulaire et Chape liquide autonivelante

vr012 – B100 S Spritz Beton viadotto Biferno