The small concrete pump

Made by Bunker, the world’s smallest concrete pump with rotor-stator system.

All hydraulic drive with gradual output and pressure control.
The unique alternative to much more expensive and difficult to manoeuvre machines.
With the B100, you can pump mortar and concrete with aggregates up to 25 mm, you can spray plaster and concrete, inject micro-piles and ties.



The B100’s defining feature is the innovative separation of the power pack and pump. Flexible hoses with quick couplings connect the power pack and the pump. The feature enables the pump to be powered remotely even from long distances.
This practical configuration makes the B100 both compact and light, facilitating transport and positioning in difficult to access building sites, town centers, slopes, etc.

The hydraulic power-pack is a true power unit.
With its 37 kW and 90 litres oil output, it can safely operate not only the B100, but some hydraulic tools as well : drills, augers, and saws…Truly revolutionary!

Should you already possess an adequate source of hydraulic power such as an excavator with hydraulic power takeoff, then the pump may be driven from that source thus saving on the cost of the power pack.

… a great advantage!

The B100 equipped with the M180 mixer is indicated when there is a need to prepare the mixes if necessary, for complete autonomy on the construction site. As in the case of pumping or spraying structural mortar in bags
premixed fiber-reinforced with metal fibers, for the restoration and protection of reinforced concrete infrastructures. The B100 with mixer is also particularly suitable for pilers who have performed a series
of micropiles must fill them with a jet of mortar or concrete.


  • Its small size facilitates positioning under mixers.
  • Pumping mortar and insulation materials
  • Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
  • Pumping of self-leveling substrates
  • Structural restoration with cement mortar, premixed, pourable, fiber-reinforced.

Technical Data

The B100 is a simply designed, volumetric pump without valves. The key components are an eccentric steel alloy rotor that has a single thread and a highly abrasion resistant rubber stator that has a double thread. As the rotor turns inside the stator,the meshing geometry of the two components creates sealed chambers on both inlet and outlet sides. Rotation of the rotor opens and closes the chambers alternatively and gradually. In this way, the material is continuously transported. Output is in proportion to rotation speed.

The hydraulic power-pack is driven by a new Lombardini engine. It is powerful, ecologically friendly unit with low fuel consumption and very low noise. As a result, the B100 is able to operate close to hospitals, schools and residential districts.

Gradual output control ensures precision injecting and plastering avoiding waste of material.

The compressor is used for plastering and concrete spraying. There are two versions availbable : with mechanical or with hydraulic transmission.

The screw pump may be readily operated in either forward or reverse, thus enabling the hoses to empty in case of clogging.

Paddle speed on the M180 mixer is adjustable to provide optimum mixing dynamics.

A handy low voltage remote control with a very long cable to start and stop the B100.

The B100 is equipped with a vibrating screen powered by the 12V battery of the hydraulic power-pack. This powerful vibrator ensures quick and efficient screening, preventing aggregate with excessive granule size from reaching the hopper.

Pumping pressure can be accurately controlled by the pressure switch and can be verified on the pressure gauge located at the pump outlet.

Easy to manoeuvre guard locking devices prevent opening of the protective grids of the hopper and mixer. If opened, they stop the rotation of the screw feeder or mixer paddles.

The hour-counter helps you to schedule work and maintenance

Control LED’s enable easy monitoring.

Fuel tank capacity is sufficient for an entire work shift.

The compressor, the pump for set accelerator and the high pressure cleaner are directly powered by the B100’s hydraulic circuit



Hydraulic power-pack
diesel engine 37 kW
electric motor 18,5 kW
hydraulic output 90 l/min
hydraulic pressure 140 bar
compressor (on request) 400 l/min
height 1020 mm
lenght 1700 mm
width 700 mm
weight 420 kg
weight with CHD engine 495 kg
maximum theoretical output * 250 l/min
maximum theoretical pressure * 12 bar
maximum granule size *** 25 mm
pumping distance
horizontal** 45 m
vertical** 15 m
hopper capacity 180 l
Pump dimensions
height 805 mm
lenght 2420 mm
width 900 mm
weight 420 kg

* With 2L8 stator and rotor: pressure 25 bar; horizontal distance 60 m; vertical distance 30 m; max granule size 16 mm; theoretical output 170 l/min
** Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter. Both distances cannot be reached simultaneously. Consistency class: S4 (fluid). Slump range: 16 to 20 cm.
*** Only under special circumstances. Contact technical department.

Concrete pumping – Bunker B100

Mortar pump for structural coating – Bunker B100

Concrete casting of swimming pool construction – Bunker B100

Concrete pumping – Bunker B100

Fiber-reinforced mortar pump – B100

Structural restoration with Mapegrout – B100

Shotcrete – B100

Concrete casting underwater – B100

B100 Spritz beton galleria Tunisia

B100 piccola pompa calcestruzzo

calcestruzzo alleggerito polistirolo – B100

Pompa calcestruzzo B100 BUNKER – alimentata da autobetoniera

pompa per calcestruzzo – B100

Benna miscelatrice JCB e pompa per calcestruzzo B100

B100 – pompaggio malta strutturale Master EMACO 1180 S PG

pompe à béton – spritz beton B100

Bunker B100 pompaggio calcestruzzo e malta strutturale

B100 Getto micropali Brasile

concrete pump – B100

B100 plaster and concrete pumping in Libya

B100 Getto casseformi

B100 Pompaggio calcestruzzo

– Pompage beton chape

BUNKER – B100 – pompaggio calcestruzzo metropolitana di napoli

Spritz beton – B100

B100 Pompaggio calcestruzzo

B100 350 lt – Pompa per calcestruzzo

Ripristino delle strutture fognarie

BUNKER – B100 pompage du béton – Palais Matignon – Boulevard des invalides

bomba para concreto – B100

B100 massetti alleggeriti con perle di polistirolo

B100 massetti autolivellanti

B100 Spritz Beton pista BOB Sestriere

Shotcrete with small concrete pump BUNKER

B100 calcestruzzo in Senegal

Spritz beton calcestruzzo – B100

B100 Pompaggio calcestruzzo solaio

Calcestruzzo alleggerito polistirolo

B100 alimentata da Silos

B100 pompaggio calcestruzzo metropolitana di Napoli

B100 trasportata su carrello

B100 Ripristino strutturale pile autostradali

B100 riempimento connessure

B100 alimentata da BOB CAT

B100 azionata da pala meccanica – Getto solaio

Bomba para concreto B100

B100 Autolivellanti in appartamento

The B100 concrete pump into nature and history

On the Amalfitan coast, in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places of Italy, two B100 concrete screw pumps from BUNKER are at work. The Amalfitan coast is one of the most beautiful sea resorts in Italy, not only the luxuriant nature contributes to make those places wanted

23 July 2003|