A generously wide range of injectors in different versions, with single-phase or three-phase drives or by air. Developed to satisfy a multiplicity of use needs.

Its low height facilitates loading, its low weight and large castor wheels, make it easier to move in old town sites.

With its very long-range remote control, pressure-switch and pressure gauge for pressure control, BUNKER pumps are highly recommended for:

  • injecting cement micropiles in damaged or dangerous structures
  • injecting micro-poles, and pre-compressed structures
  • for consolidating or weatherproofing walls, rocks, dams, and tunnels
  • for pumping special products for anchoring, and seals

Use it for running hydraulic tests and all jobs requiring more than 15 Bar pressures and more than 24 l/min output.

A complete range of injectors for sure selection.


The B1 model is completely manual, and is generally used for small jobs; its compact size enables it to be used in difficult to access places.

With their 12 l/min output, the B1E and B1E3 models differ in the type of drive their use. They offer the right compromise of low-cost use and good performance, helping potential buying firms make their choice.

The B2 and B3 models differ in their output _ respectively 12 and 24l/min. Thanks to their double, large capacity mixer, they ensure a continuous mixing and pumping cycle, generating the highest injected volume in the whole range.


  • A few hints on how to work.
    The procedure entails injecting a cement mix into a wall at a pressure which varies according to case. The mix replaces the degraded mortar by filling the wall’s fractures and gaps The greater the penetration, the more efficient the result.

  • Preparing the wall.
    After ensuring the building site is safe, the tapping test technique is used to find which zones need consolidating. Next the holes are made (3-4 at m²) by rotation coring machines, to thus avoid dangerous vibrations. The next step is to wash the structure adequately, pumping water as much water as it can take. Then, any existing fractures are stuccoed, and, finally, the mixture can be injected, starting from the bottom, and fitting an appropriate expansion nozzle in the holes.

  • Preparing the mixture and adjusting pressure.
    After the mixture has been prepared at a ratio of approximately 0.5 0.8, injecting pressure should be adjusted with either the pressure-switch or the pressure gauge supplied with the pump. This adjustment is particularly important if crumbling structures are involved. Pressure must be in the range from 0.5 to 1.5 bar. When pumping heights are considerable, loss load must be considered, by verifying pressure at the highest point with the in line pressure gauge.

Technical Data

Designed for particularly high wear resistance BUNKER pumps guarantee hundreds of m³ injected mortar.
That’s thanks to tried-and-tested cast iron pumping unit, with pistons and valves chrome-plated to the right thickness. The alternate movement is provided by a motor coupled to a maintenance-free gearbox. Tightness is ensured by a special gasket in abrasion resistant polyurethane. So we have high reliability and wear resistance, but not only that _ BUNKER is also easy to dismantle, enabling quicker cleaning and maintenance whenever necessary.

The electric panel, protected against impact and water sprays, conforms to European directives. Made with highly reliable components, it supports the many ON/OFF activations typical of pressure control pumps. It is equipped with a thermal cut-out for the electric motors, a handy phase inverter and an emergency push-button. The hour counter (standard supply) helps you plan both work and maintenance.

All pumps with the electronic pumping facility are supplied with a button-board with 20 metre cable. This means the operator can activate it directly from the injection point.
A great advantage!

The pumping unit (easy to dismantle and clean) with pistons chrome-plated to the right thickness, assures hundreds of m3 of injected volume. All done worry-free and with no clogging.

The pressure-switch (standard supply) enables you to adjust pressure to the value you require, automatically stopping the pump when that value is reached.
The pressure gauge (in glycerine bath) makes for easy to read pressure values.

A handy valve allows the mixture to be discharged into the lower agitator before the pumping cycle begins. It operates by squashing a rubber tube, which ensures long life and no maintenance because no metal parts come into contact with cement.

The upper mixer is supplied with a safety grid allowing easy passage of material but not access by the operator’s hands.
The agitating blades themselves, as well as their shape and number, are designed to guarantee perfect mixing.

A boll cock, directly connected to the mixer, facilitates loading water needed for the mixture. On request, the whole injection pump range can be equipped with an air motor to allow use on sites without electrical energy or with an explosion risk.


B3 three-phase 400 50Hz B3 A air B2
three-phase 400 50Hz
single phase 230V 50Hz
B1 E3
400 50Hz
B1 E3
230V 50Hz
B1 E
400 50Hz
B1 E
230V 50Hz
Conveying distance
horizontal**  60m  60m  60m  40m  60m  40m  40m  40m  40m
vertical**  30m  30m  30m  15m  30m  15m  15m  15m  15m
Theoretical output* 24 l/min  24 l/min 12 l/min 12 l/min  12 l/min  12 l/min 12 l/min  12 l/min  6 l/min
Theoretical pressure* 15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar  15bar
Pumping motor 1,1kW 3,0kW 1,1kW 1,5kW 1,1kW 1,5kW
Mixing motor 1,1kW 1,5kW 1,1kW 1,1kW 1,1kW 1,1kW 1,1kW 1,1kW
Mixer 90 l 90 l 90 l 90 l 120 l 120 l 120 l 120 l 120 l
Agitator 120 l 120 l 120 l 120 l
Loading height 1480 mm 1480 mm 1480 mm 1480 mm 620 mm 620 mm 570 mm 570 mm 570 mm
length 1360 mm 1360 mm 1360 mm 1360 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm
width 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm 610 mm 610 mm 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
height 1480 mm 1480 mm 1480 mm 1480 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 770 mm 770 mm 770 mm
Weight 250 Kg 230 Kg 225 Kg 225 Kg 180 Kg 180 Kg 110 Kg 110 Kg 75 Kg

Iniezioni di cemento – Pompa B3 BUNKER