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The pump for lightened screeds and self-leveling substrates

Currently, normal mixers or spiral mixers are used for preparation of lightweight floor screeds.
The pumping of the screed happens subsequently in a separate screw pump placed close to the mixer.
With this system, the job cycle is discontinuous because it’s necessary to pump all the material in the mixer and then wait around 6-7 minutes for another mix to be ready and pumped.
In order to improve the job cycle, insure the homogeneity of the mixture in time, and avoid annoying blockages during pumping of the mixture, Bunker has designed and built the S8 CM, designed to mix and pump continuously:  Lightweight screeds for thermal insulation floors, Anhydride and cement-based self-levelling screeds


Come funziona la macchina

The cement powder obtained in bags or from a silo is fed into the hopper of the continuous mixer.
In the mixing chamber the following are introduced simultaneously:

  •  The cement powder, through the spiral metering placed in the hopper of the continuous mixer
  • The water in the appropriate quantity, via an electric pump mounted on machine
  • The foam, in the correct amount, through the foam generator mounted on the machine

The materials are then quickly mixed up until they reach the desired consistency and density.
The mixture comes out from the mixing chamber and is discharged into the mixing / pumping hopper, where it is mixed again and pumped by the screw pump, through the rubber hoses, to point of installation.
For floor Screeding the above procedure guarantees…

  • Absence of segregation
  • Correct consistency
  • Absence of lumps
  • Pumping process free of annoying blockages

Compared to other machines presently on the market, S8 CM from Bunker ensures, apart from the continuous work cycle, the material receives a double mix:
First mixing takes place in the mixing chamber of the continuous mixer.
Second mixing takes place in the mixing and pumping hopper which contains a special mixer blade coupled to the screw pump. The second mixing avoids segretation of the mixture and blockages in the rubber hoses if / when pumping is stopped for short intervals or breaks.
Usually, in contract’s specifications, it is recommended to use lightweight screeds with cellular concrete with a density of 400 kg/m3. With S8 CM, to define the correct density of screed, and then the insulating capacity, simply measure the amount of foam fed into the mixing chamber. By changing the foam-cement ratio, a variable density is obtained from 300 to 600 kg/m3.

Poly B

Pneumatic conveyor for polystyrene beads

Three-phase electric drive – 2,2 Kw 400 V 50 Hz

The Poly-B consists of a hopper, a compressor and a venturi tube which sucks the polystyrene beads contained in the hopper by placing them in the mixing chamber of the S8 CM. By varying the flow rate of the compressed air it is possible to vary the density of the screed and therefore the thermal conductivity. Combined with the S8 CM it ensures a continuous work cycle, with the use of a single worker it is possible to reach a production of 10m³ / hour *.

* mixture consisting of water, cement,
polystyrene beads Ø 3mm, foam density 300 kg / m³

Types of use: Thermal insulation for substrates, roofs, terraces.

Geotechnical applications:

The qualities of lightness and fluidity make cellular concrete with polystyrene one of the best filling materials, it is possible to fill more or less deep cavities, restore or renovate ancient buildings, anti-vibration foundations, structures with low mechanical strength, prefabricated elements, foundations in swampy areas, masonry blocks and attics.


The S8 CM has been designed to mix and pump continuously:

  • Lightweight screeds for thermal insulation floors
  • Anhydride and cement-based self-levelling screeds.
  • Cellular concrete with polystyrene beads

* impasto costituito da acqua, cemento,
perline di polistirolo Ø 3mm, schiuma densità 300 kg/m3

Technical Data

Thanks to the special transfer cap, the S8 CM can also be powered by SILO.


Electric engine screw pump 5,5 kW 400V 50 Hz
Electric compressor 1,5 kW 400V 50 Hz
Air Output 250 l/min
Water pump 0,75 kW 400V 50 Hz
Pump (foam generator) 0,75 kW 400V 50 Hz
Engine continuous mixing 3 kW 400V 50 Hz
Hopper capacity continuous mixing 60 l
Hopper capacity mixing and pumping 120 l
Loading height continuous mixer 1020 mm
* Weight 500 Kg
Total installed power 11,5 kW
Adjustable Axle work position – road use position
Generator recommended 40KVA-32KW 400/230V, 50 Hz – 1500 rpm soundproof
Cellular concrete
** Horizontal conveying distance 180 m
** Vertical conveying distance 60m
Maximum theoretic pressure 15 bar
Theoretic output screw pump 135 l/min
Maximum grain size 9 mm
Self-levelling screed (anhydride and cement based)
** Horizontal conveying distance 120 m
** Vertical conveying distance 40m
Maximum theoretic pressure 30 bar
Theoretic output screw pump 80 l/min
Maximum grain size 10 mm

* Weight of machine without mixer shaft
** Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter

Pumpe für Fließestriche, angetrieben von einem Generator – Bunker S8 CM

Porenbeton pumpe – Bunker S8 CM

Massetto autolivellante radiante – BUNKER S8 CM

Massetto autolivellante – BUNKER S8CM

Pompa per sottofondo autolivellante – BUNKER S8 CM

Béton cellulaire – S8 CM BUNKER

S8 CM – Massetto fluido fonoisolante FONOMIX

S8CM – cemento cellulare SILO

S8cm e Poly B – Massetto alleggerito con polistirolo Riciclato – Additivo Contopp SFS3

Cemento cellulare – BUNKER S8 CM

Self-levelling floor screed – Pump BUNKER S8 CM

Isolamento termico con cemento cellulare

S8 CM – Pompaggio massetto fonoisolante (Fonomix)

Cemento cellulare con guaina bituminosa e guaina liquida colorata

Sottofondo autolivellante – S8 CM BUNKER

Cemento cellulare e Guaina bituminosa – BUNKER S8 CM

BUNKER – S8 CM con cuffia trasferimento SILO

Béton cellulaire 02 – S8 CM BUNKER

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