Electric Smoothing machine

Simple and convenient to use the smoothing machine Bunker B400 is the ideal tool for working on all typesof plaster. Thanks to the interchangeable discs and the speedregulation is possible to smooth any surface, from theboth refined to raw mortar , from ready mixed to thetraditional plaster. Thanks to the integrated water pump,that can be actuated directly from the handle, it ispossible to moisten the wall to be worked in a practicaland fast.



The smoothing machine B400 allows to work mortarboth refined, mortar raw, premixed plaster and to allother types with or without additives. The parametersof daily average production are calculated in m2/h inthe following types of work

  • Raw plaster – 60-80 (m2/h)
  • Fine plaster – 70-90 (m2/h)
  • Ready mixed plaster – 70-90 (m2/h)

Technical Data

Electrical panel with quick coupling for water hose and rotation speed adjustment.

The 5 Liter water tank is located behind the control unit.

A button in the handle activates the nebulizer nozzle, to moisten the surface with water.


 Power supply  230 V 50 HZ
 Power  0,80 kW
 Engine power  0,120 kW
 Rated speed disc (no load)  approx. 100 rpm
 Class of Insulation  I
 Degree of protection framework  IP 44
 Water tank capacity  5 litri
 Length x Width x Height 470 x 270 x 360 mm
Disc diameter smoothing machine 400 mm
 Base Unit  approx. 15 Kg
 Smoothing machine  approx. 6 Kg
 Environmental conditions of use
 Temperature limits  +5 +35 °C
 Relative humidity non-condensing 5 – 90 UR%
 Acceleration effective they are exposedto the upper limbs  =<2,5m/s²
 Noise  < 80 dB

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