Anlage zur Aufbereitung und zum Pumpen von Beton

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The B100xp is a hydraulically-driven, trailer mounted concrete pump with progressive output and pressure regulation. Designed by Bunker to mix concrete or mortar directly on site helping builders to work faster and autonomously. This compact unit will reduce the number of machines you will need to use to get the job done.

The innovative completely portable concrete mixing and pumping unit on wheels
The steel chassis is supported by a sturdy twin axle where you’ll find a 350 l (12 cubic feet) concrete mixer, a screw pump, a Diesel hydraulic power pack and all accessories that makes it a fully towable and compact unit. The concrete mixer is equipped with a loading skip with a digital weighing machine and scraping device used for an accurate feeding of materials and quick loading.



The B100xp will pump concrete with aggregates up to 25 mm (1 inch), spray traditional mortar and fibre-reinforced mortar, self-levelling floor screed and light concrete with or without polystyrene, spray gunite, inject cement or special mixes into walls, piles and ties.

  • Mortar spraying on polystyrene panels with welded wire meshe
  • Mortar and concrete pumping, gunite, self-levelling floor screeds
  • Concrete spraying
  • Injections of cement grouting

Technische Daten

Fitted with a digital weighing machine (optional) and scraping device for accurate and faster feeding of materials.

It controls all functions in one panel in complete safety. Control leds enable easy monitoring of the Diesel engine. The hour-counter helps you to plan work and to schedule routine maintenance.

The B100xp pumping system is very easy and simple to set up and dismount.

A handy low voltage remote control with a long cable to start and stop the B100xp.

Regulate the material mix with built in electronic water-meter

An air compressor (optional accessory) can be mounted on the hydraulic power pack and used for plastering and hose cleaning.

For shotcreting, you could use a pressurised tank for additive or an additive screw pump.

With the B100 xp it is possible to produce aerated concrete or light concrete, just equip the foam generator machine.

The hydraulic power pack is equipped with the powerful new and ecological Lombardini CHD 2204 engine with low fuel consumption.


Hydraulic power pack
Diesel Lombardini CHD 2204 engine 37 kW
Hydraulic output 114 l/min
Maximum hydraulic pressure 150 bar
Air compressor (optional) 400 l/min
Screw pump
Maximum theoretical output * 250 l/min
Maximum theoretical pressure * 12 bar
Maximum grain size *** 25 mm
Horizontal pumping distance **  60 m
Vertical pumping distance ** 20 m
Additive screw pump (optional)
Theoretical variable output 0-10 l/min
Maximum theoretical pressure  28 bar
Concrete mixer capacity 350 l
Total weight B100xp 2600 kg

* With 2L8 stator and rotor – pressure: 25 bar (362 psi), horizontal distance : 60 m (200 ft), vertical distance : 30 m (100 ft), max grain size : 16 mm(0.62 inch), theoretical output : 170 l/min (44 gal/min)
** Depends on material, consistency and hose diameter. Both distances cannot be reached simultaneously. Consistency class: S4 (fluid). Slump range: 16 to 20 cm(6,3 to 7,9 inches)
*** Only under special circumstances. Contact technical department.

B100 XP – Produzione di sottofondi alleggeriti

Béton cellulaire Algérie – B100 xp

B100 XP cemento cellulare

B100 XP – Produzione e pompaggio calcestruzzo

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BUNKER – B100xp concrete pumping Marocco

concreto – argamassa B100XP

calcestruzzo – concreto – argamassa – Spritz beton B100XP

Béton projeté Algérie – B100xp

BUNKER – B100xp – self levelling floor screed

Lanzado de mortero y bombeamento de concreto sobra paneles de poliestireno – B100xp